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Neuigkeiten und Veranstaltungen
Grenzkontrollen zu Italien
IFA feiert 25 Jahre
Neuigkeiten und Veranstaltungen

The second IFA meeting for 2019



The second IFA meeting for this year will be held in the city of Porto, Portugal, from 11 to 13 October 2019. The meeting will be hosted by Torrestir.






ARES obtains the certification as Authorized Economic Operator (AEO)



A breakthrough to streamline all customs procedures



After several months of work, training and controls we can announce the new certification as Authorized Economic Operator (AEO).


It will directly benefit all customers who currently trust Ares Group for all its exports and imports. With this certification, the European Union considers Ares, a trusted operator.


Benefits of certification:

  • Less physical and documentary controls
  • Possibility to choose the place of inspection
  • Easier to qualify for simplified customs procedures
  • Prior customs notification
  • Priority treatment of selected shipments for inspection
  • Recognition of third parties as a commercial partner that guarantees safety and protection
  • Improvement of relations with the Customs Administration and other governmental authorities
  • Optimization of the processes related to the international supply chain





Torrestir Transitarios, IFA Partner from Portugal



Taking into consideration that most of the existing fuels are depleted, the future will surely pass through renewable energy sources, so logistics companies must be attentive and adapt to this new reality and market need.


Following this principle, Torrestir decided to invest at the end of last year in a new vertical, joining the existing automotive, fashion and pharma, the renewable energies Vertical.


This commitment has been consolidated since the beginning of this year, with many projects of high complexity, which obliges us to use all the synergies of the group in order to make them possible, for example, we dealt with the logistic part of 2 fields of solar panels in Spain, from China, involving a total of 1.600 /  40 'containers.


For this project, we started a road survey, to measure environmental impacts and possible restrictions to the local population, which could be caused by the transportation of 1,600 trucks in 3 months, with a daily route that would exceed 2 dozen trucks per site.


We provide a timely forecast from the origin to the final destination, including container pick up in China, shipment to the port, transit at sea, arrival at the port of Sines (Portugal), inland from port to our logistic warehouse, cross-dock for tautliner trucks, transit to final destination, taking into account holidays, weekend-ends, and back-up plans for strikes, storms and others.


This project involved all  Torrestir Group, that with our own means and assets was possible:


Sea-Freight: Torrestir Transitarios handled maritime transport and coordinated with our own Broker the containers'  clearance.


Inland: With our own fleet of Contentorres department, we carry out an average of 30 Container Transports per day from the port of Sines to our logistics warehouse.


X-Dock: Every day through our company Torreslog in Azambuja, where we have more than 20.000m2, we made the X-Dock direct from container to tautliner, with its quality control, supervised by the Overland team of Torrestir Transitarios, that assured the arrival simultaneously to the depot of full container and the respective empty tautliner.


Portugal-Spain: Transport with own controlled fleet, of 1.600 trailers from Lisbon to Murcia, Badajoz, Huelva, Ciudad Real and Caceres, respecting discharge in previously fixed time windows by container number and order.


Control Tower: Multidisciplinary team composed by staff from Sea-Freight, Overland, Contract-Logistics and IT, supervised by a KAM that worked as SPOC for the client, generating daily reports by BL number, container number, solar panel reference.


This project, is proof that with a solid team, we are able to…Deliver as Promissed