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Logistics and transports pan-European

Most European countries are interconnected within the European Union.  But with the development and the implementation of the trade, the international freight services expand and reach to all countries and areas in Europe.  With the simplification of the rules for the transport of goods within the European Union, the need for logistics and transport pan-European is constantly growing.

Advantages of the transport services on the entire European territory - quality warranty


The unification of the efforts of the forwarders throughout Europe has its important advantages, which contribute to the improvement of the quality of the international freight services. They include:

  • Possibilities for combining the freight forwarders Europe to ensure faster deliveries and for meeting the delivery deadlines
  • Possibility for combining the various transportation types in the different areas of Europe, in order to ensure optimisation of the delivery price and time for international freight services.

The goal of the International Forwarding Association is to expand the European network for logistics services and to have at least one company member in each European country.  This will help combine the capabilities and capacities of freight forwarders Europe to ensure continuous cooperation and meeting the demands for international freight services.


Criteria for accepting new partners in the freight forwarders network


The candidates for becoming partners in the IFA must meet the following criteria:

  • Be willing to work with dedication and willingness to grow and evolve
  • Be small companies which are independent of the big major logistics groups
  • Be willing to work to increase the efficiency of their services, and be competitive compared to large logistics groups and corporations


The advantages that IFA offers new and existing partners

  • As members of the association, which offers logistics services on a pan-European level, the partners who are members of the IFA receive economic advantages.
  • The member companies shall enjoy the protection of common interests associated with international freight forwarding.
  • The connectivity in the freight forwarders association ensures continuous orders and long-term cooperation.
  • As part of the network of freight forwarders, companies receive financial assistance for compliance with the principles of sustainable transport.
  • In addition, together, the member companies of freight transport association care competitive with the major logistics groups and corporations.
  • By developing the cooperation on a  pan-European level, the IFA expand its links with other freight forwarders outside of Europe too.