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forwarding of chemicals

The European requirements for the logistics and storage of chemicals used in the chemical industry

The forwarding of chemicals used in different industries, such as: chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries are a main part of the groupage services provided.

Chemicals can be aggressive and often are toxic. This is why certain requirements for the safety of the personnel and the environment need to be followed during their packaging and forwarding.


The European Regulation No.1272/2008 for classification, packaging and labeling of solutions and mixtures

When forwarding chemicals, the European logistics network acts in accordance with the European Regulation No.1272. This regulation includes the risks and hazards of inadequate packaging and labeling of chemicals, and thus has unified the information about these risks and hazards in all EU countries. The Regulation was adopted on January 20th 2009, and became mandatory for hazardous solutions on December 1st 2010 and for the hazardous mixtures on June 1st 2015.


Изискванията на Европейски регламент № 1272 относно опаковането на опасни вещества, към които спадат химикалите

Отделна точка в Регламента описва изискванията за правилното опаковане на опасни вещества, към които спадат редица химикали, превозвани от freight transport association. Опаковките трябва да са достатъчно здрави, за да не се допусне изсипване. За елиминиране на риска от разсипване всяка опаковка трябва да има и запечатващо се приспособление за затварянето й.


The requirements of the European Regulation No.1272 for the packaging and labelling

According to the Regulation for hazardous materials, including a number of different chemicals which the international freight forwarders transport for their customers, the labelling must include information for the transported hazardous goods, among other requirements. The information on the labels must include:

  • Information about the supplier
  • The name of the solution
  • Information about the quantity, if the packaging is for mass use
  • Infographics including the possible hazards
  • Warning words for the various risks, including: “Warning”, “Danger”, “Flammable”, etc.
  • Safety recommendations for keeping the solution in its original packaging, keeping it safe from moisture, and others.


Inquiries in regard to toxic substances to the European Commission

Prior to providing their international freight services for transporting chemicals the member companies of the European network for logistics services refer to the European Commission in regard to the different toxic substances for detailed information in regard to the required labelling and packaging. Whenever it is necessary, the forwarders throughout Europe can provide packaging and labelling services for the chemicals being transported to different European destinations.


Other requirements for the forwarding of chemicals

Apart from compliance with the safety requirements to prevent fires and poisoning during the forwarding of chemicals, the European logistics companies provide their customers the most suitable routes for their chemicals, which take into consideration factors such as: risky weather conditions, as well as possible hazards due to bad conditions of the roads. By eliminating these risks, we deliver for greener logistics and ensure continuous care for the environment.


Use of tanks with pumps for quick and safe unloading of the chemicals

The freight forwarders use tanks for the forwarding of liquid chemicals, which are fitted with special pumps which are hermetically closed and have excellent suction.