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International Forwarding Association Blog » International freight services » The services of the packaging companies facilitates the forwarding services as well as the safe transport of cargo and goods
international freight services

The services of the packaging companies facilitates the forwarding services as well as the safe transport of cargo and goods

Proper packing of the goods prior to transporting them is essential to protect them from dust and dirt when transported in open vehicles and from damage such as scratching or breaking during the transport. There is suitable packing for different types of goods and cargo. The companies from the international freight forwarders network rely on professional packaging companies in order to provide better and more efficient services.


international freight services


The specialized packaging companies provide a number of advantages

The companies which work in the packaging business have the necessary experience and knowledge regarding the various types of packaging used for different types of products. They are well aware of the latest innovative materials used for packaging and know the specifics of each type they use. It is especially important that these companies choose the most suitable types of packaging when food is being transported. The use of appropriate packaging in this case not only ensures that the goods remain intact but also that their nutritional qualities are preserved during the shipments, so that they reach their end destinations safely and with the quality required and expected.

For all kinds of goods being transported by the freight forwarders network it is crucial that the packaging will endure not only the transport of the goods but also their loading, unloading and storage until the distributors begin offering them to the end customers in stores.

But packages are not only materials which protect the goods and cargo being forwarded. Each package includes information about the products being packed in it written on labels. The label itself is essential for attracting attention of more customers with its design and coloring. The packaging companies which work with the freight forwarders specialize in this as well.


Packaging characteristics

The characteristics of the different types of packaging used which are important for their choice for the different types of goods and cargo include:

  • The density of the packing material
  • The endurance of the material against environmental impact
  • The breathability of the material
  • The resilience of the material
  • The compatibility of the material with the goods or cargo which will be transported съвместимост на материала с товара или стоката, които ще се опаковат

It is especially crucial that the appropriate type of packaging is used when hazardous materials are being forwarded.


Testing the packaging materials

In order to be able to choose the most suitable and resilient packaging, the materials used for them are tested for the following impact: vibration, dropping, compression, high temperature exposure as well as humidity.


The choice of packaging is always made with the reduction of the environmental pollution in mind

Both the international freight forwarders association and the packaging companies they work with strive towards reducing environmental pollution on a daily basis. This can be done by recycling or reusing the packaging used for the forwarding services. Packaging companies work closely with suppliers of reusable containers as well as with recycling companies on a daily basis.  These precautions for minimizing environmental pollution are used by the international freight services as well.

The packaging companies are striving towards reducing the quantity of packing material used whenever this is possible. This can be done by using secondary packaging where the separately packed units are combined together in reusable packaging materials such as cardboard boxes, plastic boxes and other reusable containers.


Reducing the quantity of materials used for labeling

As part of the general goal for the reduction of the negative impact on the environment from the packaging industry, many packaging companies offer to print out the labels directly on the packages being transported by the forwarders throughout Еurope. This allows for the elimination of the use of the materials which would otherwise be used for the labeling of the goods.