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The cold chain logistics provided

The cold chain logistics provided by the International Forwarding Association

The forwarders throughout Europe who are members of IFA have years of experience in providing cold chain logistics as part of their international freight forwarders services.

Our freight forwarders network offers a number of cold chain solutions which ensure the integrity of the entire cold chain. These services include cold chain packaging, cold chain transportation, cold chain management, cold chain distribution and cold chain international freight forwarding.


What is a cold chain?

The European logistics network offers a reliable number of cold chain related services, to ensure that the entire cold chain is uninterrupted. The cold chain is provided to keep certain types of goods refrigerated at the required low temperature from the moment it leaves the production line until it reaches the end clients. These goods are kept at low temperature in order to preserve their qualities. Some products which the European network for transportation handles as part of the cold chain include various foods, fresh fruits and vegetables, frozen foodstuff, seafood, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, film and others.


forwarders throughout Europe

How is the cold chain logistics service provided by the freight forwarders Europe?

Special storage and refrigeration transport is used for storing and transporting these perishable goods in order to ensure that they arrive safely to the end destination.

We have extensive experience with international freight services in which specialized transportation or storage is required to keep the goods in a good condition. We can provide you with advice regarding the handling and the frozen vehicle shipping as well as reliable refrigerated storage and transport.

The members of the freight forwarders association can also help you with the cold chain storage and distribution services by providing you with the best priced and fastest routes, by combining intermodal transportation services or our European groupage services, in order to ensure that the perishable or other goods do not spend too much time on the road or in storage.

We can quickly unload your goods and load them in outgoing transportation means to save you the time and money for storage as part of our cross docking services.

The members of our freight forwarders association are well aware of the varying shelf life of the different foodstuffs, so we will ensure that your goods are forwarded and stored properly and in a timely manner.


The different cold chain solutions offered by the freight transport association

We offer:

  • Cold storage, refrigerated and freezer warehouses
  • Temperature controlled cross-docking for foods
  • Enhanced tracking and lot traceability for timely distribution
  • Dedicated refrigerated transport
  • Close monitoring of the temperatures of the vehicles and the goods at all times
  • National and international freight forwarding of cooled, refrigerated or frozen goods
  • Cold chain parcel deliveries
  • Refrigerated intermodal transport in Europe
  • Complete loads or small shipments under strict temperature control

Why pick the international freight forwarders association as a cold chain logistics partner

The member companies of the international freight forwarders network are all trained to follow the strict quality control European logistics standards and procedures for ensuring that the cold chain is not broken at any given moment during the loading, storage, transport, unloading, distribution, and delivery of your temperature sensitive products.