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An overview of the supply chain trends in 2018 and forecasts for the future

The International Forwarding Association follows the logistics and supply chain trends closely so that the forwarders throughout Europe from IFA can react to the new tendencies and meet the new demands of all customers in a timely manner.

Here are some of the main trends which the international freight forwarders association has been following in 2018, and the predictions about the upcoming tendencies in the supply chain sector for 2019.


Storage and distribution automation and warehouse robotics

With the rapid advancement of technology and robotics, it comes to no surprise that more freight forwarders are implementing advanced warehouse and distribution management systems. These are especially helpful for increasing the efficiency of the contract logistics services provided, as well as for the storage and distribution needs of the customers of the European logistics network.

The goal of the companies from the European network for transportation is to achieve fully-automated warehouses, storage and distribution services.

Not only will this lead to a lower cost for manual labor, but it will save time, and will eliminate the need of having too many employees working in the storage and distribution centers of the freight forwarders network.

Needless to say, full automation will lead to lower costs for the customers as well.

More companies from the freight transport association are implementing automated guided vehicles and drones for faster, more precise and more efficient storage and distribution services.

Autonomous goods transportation and self-driving trucks

Although this trend is slower to being adapted mainly due to the legal restraints and lack of regulations for the use of self-driving trucks, it is clear that in the near future more companies from the international freight forwarders network will begin using this innovative type of transport.

Self-driving trucks will become indispensable for all types of transportation services, including complete loads, oversized cargo and combining small shipments in the European groupage services.

The use of Self-driving trucks will eliminate the hassle of handling the growing shortage of drivers, and will make controlling and tracking the shipments much easier. Also, the autonomous transport vehicles will not be required to stop and rest when performing international freight forwarding services, which will save time and money both for the freight forwarders Europe and for their customers.

The social responsibility of the freight forwarders directory

Green logistics and the reduction of the carbon footprint of the European logistics network is becoming a leading objective of all international freight services. The corporate social responsibility has become a leading factor for the list of logistics companies from IFA, not only because of the local and international regulations but also for a greater public appeal, for keeping the customers and employees happy and for a better public image of the brand and the services provided.

Expectations are that corporate social responsibility of the supply chain providers and members will continue to be a leading factor in the strategies of the companies providing international freight forwarding services in 2019 as well. This means that sustainability and the lowering of the harmful emissions in logistics and chain supply management will remain the key objective of the reputable companies providing European logistics services.