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TIR system for forwarding

How the TIR system facilitates the transit forwarding of goods

We at the international freight forwarders association offer our customers to transport your goods from one country to another including transit through third countries. Your goods will be transported via the TIR system. With it, the entire route is accepted as custom controlled due to the fact that the shipments are sealed.


How to check whether your country is a side in the TIR system

In order to take advantage of the TIR system for transporting your goods, it is necessary that the country of the sender and the country of the recipient are members of the TIR system. In order to check whether your country or the country of the recipient are sides of the treaty you can check the list of country members of the United Nations Treaty Collection.


TIR system for forwarding


More details regarding the TIR system

More than 50 countries are members of this system, which is the one with the biggest geographical coverage. The forwarding services performed under this system must include road transport.

The forwarding is performed from a customs office in the country of the sender to a customs office of the country of the recipient. The document used for this transit transport provided by the European logistics network is called a TIR Carnet. This document provides a financial guarantee for the payment of all customs duties and taxes. The guarantee system is maintained by an international organization which currently is the World Road Transportation Organization.


The status of the member countries of the European Union in regard to the TIR system

Each member country of the EU is a side of the TIR convention. At the same time, the EU is considered a unified territory when it comes to transport services. This is why if you are planning to send shipments via the transit transport services of the forwarders throughout Europe with a route which passes solely through the territory of the EU the TIR system cannot be applied. It can be used if you need your cargo to get from one member country of the EU to another by passing through countries outside of the European Union.


Advantages of using the TIR system for forwarding

In the cases when the international freight forwarding of your cargo includes transit passing through non-members of the EU, the TIR system will save you the customs duties and taxes due to the fact that they will be covered by the international guarantee ensured by the system. Apart from that the fact that your cargo will be sealed will ensure better safety of the transport service for your goods.

Another benefit of using the TIR system is the decrease of delays during the transport due to customs checks.

Whenever different types of transport need to be combined for a forwarding service, as long as road transport is included, the TIR system will be valid for the entire route.


Benefits of the TIR system for the retailers

With the help of the TIR system for transport provided by the network of freight forwarders – the retailers and different customers can take advantage of the fact that there is minimum risk for intrusion with the goods and cargo during the forwarding services.  The forwarding is done under controlled conditions and at high security levels. Plus, the lack of customs duties and fees which need to be paid for the transit will further save money for the retailers and other customers. This makes the TIR system an excellent choice for the retailers and companies working in the sphere of international commerce.