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Freight forwarders Europe are not simply forwarders but also partners and assistants for their customers

The timely and proper forwarding of goods and cargos is essential for any business. It is crucial for timely delivery of goods and cargo in good condition.

During the forwarding services provided by the European network for logistics all aspects of the service including the packaging, loading and the transport itself is treated with special attention and car. This leads to the high quality services for all customers of IFA and care for their goods and cargo, no matter whether they are big retailers or private individuals with personal shipments.


What the companies from the international forwarders network can offer

The unification of the separate forwarding companies in one united European network of freight forwarders allows for constant communication and cooperation among them. This allows for much faster reactions when the forwarding of goods to various European destinations is required.   If the companies providing forwarding service do not work together this can lead to a number of problems and differences among them. This can lower the quality of forwarding services provided.

The companies from the European network for transportation are in constant contact among each other when they need to transport cargo at longer distances with loading and reloading as well as when intermodal transport is used. This cooperation helps them offer the shortest and best routes in accordance to the goods being forwarded, the requirements of the customer as well as depending on the delivery terms, the season and the conditions.



The basic obligations of the forwarders throughout Еurope include:

  • The delivery of each shipment to its end destination on time.
  • Maintaining the condition and quality of the shipped goods during their transport.
  • Maintaining the quality of the cargo via specialized vehicles suitable for the different types of goods and cargos.
  • Ensuring additional services to assist the customers including: preparing the documentation for the forwarding, packaging, labelling, insurance, pick & pack, and others.


The importance of packaging and labelling

Proper packaging and labeling is essential for freight forwarding. The companies which provide international freight services are constantly striving towards minimizing the pollution of the environment. This means using reusable boxes and containers whenever possible for packaging the goods and cargo.

Using suitable packaging materials for the forwarding of goods is also of assistance to the customers due to the fact that it is done by professionals who are well aware of the specifics of the different materials as well as the packaging process itself.  This saves the customers time and energy for delivering their products in suitable packaging because they can rely on the international freight forwarders to do it for them. The experts in the freight forwarding companies will pack the goods in accordance to their type and the type of transport which will be used. For example, when a shipment is done by air, the packaging needs to be as light as possible in order to reduce the costs for the transport.

The labeling ensures that all basic information is included for the goods being forwarded. Apart from the type of cargo being carried, its end destination as well as its weight, the labels also include information regarding the safe handling of hazardous goods when necessary. Each label includes all the basic information in the language of the country where the goods will be delivered. This helps for the proper and easier handling of the products and goods forwarded by the network of freight forwarders at their end destinations.