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Forwarding of diplomatic luggage

Forwarding of diplomatic luggage in the EU countries

Diplomatic travel in Europe is common, and it often includes transporting the diplomatic luggage when travelling to a new workplace, or when coming home from a mission.  During diplomatic travels for different missions, the luggage of the diplomats travels with them. But often they need to transport the luggage of their family members as well.  Diplomatic luggage forwarding can come in different volumes, depending on the number of people traveling and the expected time of their stay.  International freight services ensure transport with quick order processing and deliveries.


The role of the freight forwarders for fast and secure logistics services for diplomatic luggage

The member companies of the European network for logistics services combine their forces when it comes to the forwarding of diplomatic luggage, in order to ensure its transport to any destination in Europe.  The cooperation between freight forwarders Europe makes the transport of small and large diplomatic cargo fast and secure.


The experience of the freight forwarders in transporting diplomatic luggage

The experience of the companies in the freight forwarders network in diplomatic cargo logistics allows them to quickly sort the luggage by types and safely package it. The diplomatic luggage usually consists of various belongings, so the experts from the European logistics companies sort it by type and then pack it in a way that allows it to be safely forwarded to its destination. The experience of IFA’s member companies allows them to sort, pack and safely transport diplomatic luggage to any destination in Europe.


Types of transport services provided by the forwarders throughout Europe

Groupage services are suitable for the transport of smaller volumes of luggage. They are regularly used for transport to different European destinations. This allows for fast and regular transport of luggage or of several diplomatic pouches and packages via the groupage services for small shipments.

When the forwarding of larger volumes of clothing and other luggage is needed, the companies from the European network for logistics can provide specialized transport vehicles for clothes on hangers and vehicles with various volumes for the forwarding of diplomatic luggage as complete loads. This type of transport is suitable for forwarding furniture and other large items. Forwarding furniture as a complete load ensures that it reaches its destination safely and without any damage or loss.

The cooperation among the company members of the European logistics network allows for express forwarding of diplomatic luggage, when there is an urgent need to transport the belongings and other luggage of diplomats and their families.


The transport of diplomatic luggage is easier due to the preferential treatment by customs

When transporting the luggage of diplomats, it is treated with diplomatic preferences, which makes its forwarding easier and hassle free. The customs of many European countries include diplomatic preferential treatment and duties, and in many cases there are no customs duties for such luggage at all. This type of cargo doesn’t undergo customs control too.  These preferences allow for the fast delivery of the cargo to its final destination.  The experienced employees of the member companies of the freight transport association are well aware of the opportunities which can be used by the preferential treatment for diplomatic cargo, which is another reason for using the international freight forwarding services for diplomatic luggage forwarding throughout Europe.