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What the members of IFA are looking for when recruiting new logistics employees

The logistics and transportation industry is a highly competitive sector which is why the companies from the International Forwarding Association are doing their best to find and recruit the most suitable logistics experts and employees.

Here are the common traits which the members of the European logistics network pay the closest attention to when interviewing and choosing candidates for work:

  1. Experience

Naturally, all companies from the European network for transportation are looking for people with previous experience in the field, especially when seeking employees for management positions and for more specific jobs like European groupage services, specialized transportation, green logistics, humanitarian logistics, hazardous goods, air freight in Europe, contract logistics and others.

The recruiting companies and personnel of the freight forwarders network always ask for any previous experience in similar organizations, in the same organization, as well as any projects completed in the field, the responsibilities held, as well as any awards they have won and skills they have gained in the process.

  1. Work culture and ethics

As in any other industry or business, each company from the list of logistics companies has a different work culture. Finding an employee who will fit perfectly in the work culture of the freight forwarders company may not be an easy task, but it is essential in order for the person to fit in without any trouble, and the work to go on without problems.

  1. Progression in their career

All international freight forwarders prefer to hire employees who have shown a steady rising progression in their career so far. This is essential for setting a clear path for the future. Also, for many jobs within the companies from the freight forwarders directory, it is beneficial if the employee has had previous experience in other logistical jobs as well.

  1. Adaptability

Since the logistics industry is constantly developing and evolving, it is important for the employees of the international freight forwarding companies to be able to easily adapt to change such as implementing new software, adding new services and so on which all are necessary moves in this competitive business and the advancement of technology.

  1. Commitment

Of course, every company in the world want their employees to be 100% committed to their jobs. This is why the companies from the freight transport association prefer to hire candidates who do not have mixed priorities, and who are ready to go that extra mile to make sure they are hired.

  1. Honesty

When hiring new employees, the international freight forwarders from IFA prefer to discuss both the strengths and the weaknesses of the candidates. Talking honestly about one’s weaknesses is a sign of honesty which is highly appreciated by the recruiters.

  1. Passion

Last but not least, passion is something which is absolutely necessary especially in a dynamic and fast-moving profession as logistics and transport. Employees of the European logistics companies must feel passionate about their work so that they can do their best even in the most difficult situations which often arise in the European logistics business.

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