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Trends in the European Logistics Nowadays

New Future for the European Logistics

European logistics companies struggle from the stagnation, reigning in the economical and political status quo on the continent. Immigration and regional conflicts` woes are the biggest problems of developed European countries. The region falls behind the North American and Asian fast pace economic development.


Discount Stores and Logistics

The logistics pay attention to the rise of discounted stores, which are the main reason for many European and International freight services downfall.


Cheaper Oil and Higher Hopes

One of the main reasons for optimistic feelings among the forwarders throughout Еurope is the falling price of oil. It will help the development of the sector in nearby future. Thus, the freight courses will become much cheaper and the business itself will move away from the near-sourcing movements, which were trends for quite a while.


Local Economical Woes

As the economical difficulties are going away from the freight services, certain troubles, caused by local conflicts, may slow down the logistics companies from broader expansion of their business activities.


Bigger Delivery Vehicles

The global need and trends will acquire bigger freight trucks and ships, as to satisfy increasing necessity for more and quality goods. Some of the long-awaited desires, such as 20000 TEU vessels are already here. They have been a dream few years ago and today, they are more than a necessary tool for any good global freight service.


Developing Regions and Logistics

The world is changing fast enough, and thus the logistics companies welcome new destinations and partners. One of the major reasons for global and positive change is the ASEAN Economic Forum, which proved to be a game-changer for trade and supply services provided in the developed countries and regions. But, there are many organizations and activities, which ensure the globalization of the freight service, as many newcomers, in the sake of countries and state unions, play a major role in such a world-friendly development.


Uber Factor

The logistics companies, mostly in the developed countries, may pay attention to the global upraise of businesses, such as Uber. The firm is one of the most hi-tech developed and fastest growing in the world of transportation. It provides better and more convenient taxi service in major cities around the world. In Europe, the Uber experiences some troubles, as few countries ruled out their rights to perform taxi duties.


Hi-tech and Logistics

The world is getting more hi-tech focused and it will reflect on the freight services, even in the less populated areas in the world. Nowadays is much easier to get inform and perform supply services, than it used to be a decade ago. People demand better and faster deliveries, which could become the major goal for any self-determined supply chain or company.