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International Forwarding Association Blog » Intermodal transport in Europe » The benefits of air transport and of combining intermodal transportation services

The benefits of air transport and of combining intermodal transportation services

Along with the other types of transportation, air transport is becoming more and more significant.  This is the fastest way to transport your goods with the international freight forwarders. This is the preferred transportation solution for goods which need to reach to customers, distributors or partners fast.


The globalisation of the trade between the European countries is a factor for the increasing popularity of air transport for freight forwarding


The globalisation is creating increasingly favourable conditions for international commerce. The freights forwarded by the network of freight forwarders are growing, because of the growing intensity of European trade. The shipment of goods from one European country to another is implemented through a partnership of the freight forwarders.  The network in which they are incorporated offers more efficient routes, and organising not only the air transport but also the transport from the airport to the final destination.

When air transport is chosen the member companies of the European logistics network also include the transportation of the goods from the airport to the customer’s warehouse in the country in the freight forwarding service.


Benefits of using the services of the European network for transportation

International shipments of goods are still associated with some factors which complicate the transportation, because of the different rules and regulations in the different countries.

By using the services of the international freight forwarding association, the possible delays are overcome because the member companies of IFA collaborate with one another in order to speed up the transportation of the goods in the countries of the member companies.


The benefits of air transport as a logistics solution


  • Speed: as we already mention, this is definitely the leading benefit. In the cases when fast moving consumer goods need to be transported, it is the best transport to use.
  • Easy access – air transport can get the goods to places where there isn’t even road or water access


Possibility for combining it with other types of transport in order to e achieve a more cost efficient solution

The choice of using air transportation for freight forwarding offered by the international freight forwarders network gives you yet another advantage.  You can rely on the experience and the expertise of the members of IFA, who will offer you the most cost efficient and optimal combination of air transport with other transportation means possible for the destination you want.

Combining air transport with other transportation means in bad weather

Unfavourable weather conditions can cause the delay of the air transportation in a particular section of the route. With the help of the Europe-wide groupage transport service, this delay will be resolved quickly, by combining with another type of transportation for that particular section of the route, provided by the IFA member companies in the particular country.

Analysing the options for freight forwarding of cargo and goods

Before the use of air transportation, combined transportation or other transportation means within Europe are offered to you, the logistics companies members of IFA offering  international freight services, will analyse the different options for the transportation of the cargo and goods, given your requirements for delivery terms and the price for the freight forwarding services.

The analysis is provided by the European logistics companies which cooperate with one another, so that they can offer you either only air transport, or air transport followed by transportation to warehouses, stores or partners with road transport, or whether to offer you combined air and other transport as an optimal variant for the route and terms required.