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International transport of home appliances and electronics

Home appliances and other electrical appliances being transported include devices which we all use on a daily basis. With the growing development and production of new electrical appliances and equipment, the need of forwarding them to the customers throughout Europe is growing.  In order to meet this growing demand, the network of freight forwarders offers groupage services and distribution logistics for the home appliances and other electrical devices.


Suitable forwarding solutions for the manufacturers of home appliances and electrical devices

The member companies of the European logistics association can ensure quick and safe forwarding solutions for the manufacturers and retailers of home and other electrical appliances. The further benefit offered by our forwarders are the competitive prices for the services.


Packing the home and other electrical appliances

The European logistics companies offer packing services for the home appliances and other electrical products being transported which ensures their safety during the forwarding. We have an eco-friendly packaging system and approach, and we use recyclable materials which we or our customers can recycle after use. Recyclable packaging is of crucial importance for all of the member countries of the European Union, where the regulations and directives for the disposal of packaging and their recycling are closely adhered to by the freight forwarders.


Types of transport used for home and other electrical appliances

The forwarders throughout Europe offer various forwarding solutions for home appliances and electrical devices depending on the terms and destinations, including:

  • land transport – road and railroad – this is the most common type of transport used for this type of cargo
  • water transport – this is the cheapest type of transport, and is suitable for forwarding services for which the delivery terms are not urgent and can take longer
  • combined transport – we can provide a combination between different types of transport, such as road and railroad, road and water or railroad and water, in order to achieve the shortest possible routes for the desired destinations
  • groupage transport for the regular logistic services of smaller cargoes by using the regular groupage services being offered. This type of service is suitable for distribution logistics as well
  • transport of complete loads – for large home appliances and big volumes of the cargo


Storage solutions for home and other electronic devices

The availability of various home appliances and electronic devices is of immense importance for the distributors and retailers throughout Europe. This is why freight forwarders Europe offer warehouses where the storage of home and other electronic appliances can be done easily and where their availability can easily be checked and controlled with the help of the modern automated storage systems. The storage services provided by the freight forwarders network allows for quick and easy transport of the required quantities for stocking up various stores and for transportation to the end customers who have purchased the home or other electronic appliances online.


Reverse logistics for the home and other electrical devices

The International freight forwarders network offers reverse logistics services which include returning damaged or non-compliant devices and other electronic products to their manufacturers, or recalling them from the stores whenever necessary. This service also includes the transport of the recyclable material for disposal and for recycling. Due to the specifics of the reverse logistics services, due to the various products being transported as well as their different life cycles, there are experts in the companies in the international freight services which deal with this type of logistics service only.