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International Forwarding Association Blog » Air freight in Europe » Air transport in Europe for express deliveries
Air freight in Europe

Air transport in Europe for express deliveries

When express deliveries are required, air services from the International Forwarding Association are the best solution.


Types of shipments usually sent by express delivery

  • Perishable goods with limited shelf life
  • Valuable cargo, which needs express delivery to reduce the risk of loss or damage
  • Documents

Express delivery of documents

Express shipments often contain documents. Sending them is necessary mostly in connection with the increasingly expanding trade. Delivery of express parcels containing documents can be done from door to door at your request.

Specifics of contracts between the shipper and the air transport carrier

The first thing to do when goods will be transported with Air freight in Europe is to sign a contract for transportation.

The packaging is described in the consignment note which accompanies the cargo. This packaging not only serves to protect said cargo, but it can also protect other goods carried on the same flight.

The benefits of using air transport for express deliveries

  • Faster transport times
  • Possibilities for door-to-door deliveries
  • Possibilities for door-to-airport deliveries
  • Possibilities for daily consolidation of shipments
  • Possibilities for external storage facilities for temporary storage

Possibilities for consolidation to provide express transports of shipments

The consolidation of shipments requiring express delivery allows for lower prices for transportation. With consolidated transports for express shipments you will need to pay only for the used space in the container, as your shipment will be part of the whole lot of shipments consolidated in said container.


Transit times for express shipments

Transit times for your express shipments will be negotiated according to your needs and met by our carriers.

Facilitating transportation for express shipments

With electronic reservation of express air freight transport of shipments and electronic confirmation for orders the process of preparing shipments for express delivery will be facilitated and accelerated.

Increase of the importance of air freight transport of shipments in the European Union

In the period 2013 – 2014 there has been a 6.4% increase in the importance of Air freight in Europe within the European Union. This is associated with the increased need for transporting express shipments.