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How to become a Partner

How to become a Partner

You want to become an IFA partner?  That's a good decision!

The IFA needs people who are committed and wants something to move. The increasing globalisation in all aspects of economic life requires forwarders that operate independent of large groups to engage in activities to enhance their economic efficiency in order to ensure their competitiveness in comparison to large forwarding groups or corporations.

As an organisation, IFA. pursues the goal of enhancing co-operation to the greater economic advantage of its partners. Aiming at the establishment of forwarding traffic activities on a Pan-European level and step-by-step, it provides the framework for long-term co-operation. So, when will you partner with the IFA?


 If you want to become an IFA Partner ...





Find out what encouraged our existing partners to join our strong network and read about the advantages of establishing an IFA partnership. You can also contact your local IFA partner for more information.

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Criteria for admission into the IFA




How much is the partnership fee? What are my rights as a partner?
If you are interested in a partnership, then we have the  terms and conditions of the IFA for you right here.


If you have any further questions, please use our contact form or speak to  an IFA partner in your area.


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Use this form  to request to become an IFA Partner - please fill out all required fields in the partnership form.


After receiving your registration information you will receive all the relevant documents by email in order to confirm your partnership.

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