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Criteria for admission into the IFA

1. Object and Goals of the I.F.A.

The increasing globalisation in all aspects of economic life requires forwarders that operate independent of large groups to engage in activities to enhance their economic efficiency in order to ensure their competitiveness in comparison to large forwarding groups or corporations.

As an organisation, I.F.A. pursues the goal of enhancing co-operation to the greater economic advantage of its members.

Aiming at the establishment of forwarding traffic activities on a Pan-European level and step-by-step, it provides the framework for long-term co-operation.


2. Criteria for admission into the I.F.A.

  • The majority of the company's shares must be privately owned.


  • Groupage transports must make up an essential part of the company's activities.


  • Each company should have at least 5 international groupage operators of its own with well-established correspondents in foreign countries.


  • Each company needs to provide proof of sufficient credit-worthiness as well as up-to-date information on loans, issued by a recognized Information Agency. 


  • The Board is entitled to request information through Dun & Bradstreet.


  • Each company needs to submit its company profile to the Board.


  • The membership only becomes effective after a majority decision (3/4) of the members and after payment of the accession fee and  the annual contribution.



3. Fees and duties

  • Accession fee: 1.500,-- €
  • Caution: 1.500,-- € (refunded if membership ends)
  • Annual contribution: 1.500,-- €
  • Fund for final disasters of members: 300,-- € p.a.
  • Duties for violation of general requirements
  • Failure to attend a meeting: 500,-- €
  • Late arrival/early departure of a meeting: 125,-- €