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using drones for distribution

The upcoming plans for using drones for distribution

Amazon and other retailers and freight forwarders are already experimenting with the use of drones for quick, cheap and efficient distribution. Walmart and others are using drones for their warehouse inventory management.

More tech companies are working on designing and making unmanned aerial vehicles or use for storage and distribution by retailers, manufacturers and by international freight forwarders.


How can IFA benefit from the use of drones?

The companies from the European logistics network are always working on finding the most efficient solutions to make their international freight forwarding and their international freight services faster and less expensive for their customers.

With the use of drones in the special storage and distribution centers of the companies from the European network for transportation, the cost for setting up, configuring and use of complex and expensive conveyor systems will be cut drastically.

The drones in the warehouses of the freight forwarders association will be able to move around boxes and be efficient tools for automatized palletization of the goods and cargo being prepared for International freight forwarding, specialized transportation, small shipments, complete loads and for combining intermodal transportation services.


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This will save a lot of time, minimize the need for human resources, and complex technology.  The result from these innovative systems for warehouse inventory management implemented by the European network for transportation is that the time for the preparation of the goods for shipment will be shortened, and the expenses will be lowered. Thus the cost of the forwarding, storage and distribution services provided by the forwarders throughout Europe for the customers will be much less expensive.

Such automated systems for palletizing are already being tested by numerous members of the international freight forwarders association and have been found to be very easy to implement with a simple switch in the programming of the drones used in the European logistics warehouses.

Also, the speed and efficiency of using inexpensive unmanned aerial vehicles have already become evident among those companies of the international freight forwarders network which have implemented such systems. The drones used in the storage and distribution centers of the freight forwarders association allow for much better flexibility and offer a perfect combination of speedy automated equipment handling and the limiting of the use of human resources for manual work.

The drones used by freight forwarders Europe are safe from any weather damage, as they are used indoors. There are of course special weather resistant aerial drones which can be used for distribution and inventory management outdoors as well.


Some of the problems with the use of drones by the European logistics companies

Before the drones can be utilized for making deliveries and shipping small packages to the end customers outdoors, the companies form the freight forwarders association need to work out the legal questions with their local and international military and commercial aircraft services.

Still, most national aviation associations are being very cautious about allowing the use of commercial drones, due to problems and risks associated with drones intervening with commercial and military flights in the area.

But surely, this problem will be resolved in the near future, and the forwarders throughout Europe will be able to provide their customers with cheap, efficient and fast door-to-door deliveries and other shipments via drones.