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SOLUTRANS fair 2019

What to expect from the SOLUTRANS fair in November 2019

The freight forwarders network is looking forward to the upcoming 15th edition of the international biannual trade fair for urban and road transport solutions SOLUTRANS which is set to take place on November 19-23 2019 at the Euroexpo in Lyon, France.

The program of the event includes themes such as innovation, mobility, digitalization, alternative energy resources, training and employment in the transport including the international freight forwarding business.


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The European logistics companies, along with their colleagues from the transport business will be joining together to show the latest tendencies in the area in the exhibit, and discuss all pertinent issues in the conference.

Today, SOLUTRANS is considered one of the leading events in the transport sector on an international basis with more than 600 exhibitors expected to showcase the latest tendencies and products including trucks, trailers, transport vehicles, vehicle parts, utility vehicles, garage equipment, passenger transportation vehicles, specialized transportation, tires and workshop equipment. The show will be held in an exhibition area of over 40,000 sq. meters

The companies working in the transport business including the international freight forwarders from IFA will be discussing and creating business relations in the ever-developing sector.

Here are the three strategic questions which will be the essence of the 15th edition of SOLUTRANS next year.

  1. SOLUTRANS innovations – the new forms for energy and transport are the main challenges which the transport, specialized transport and international freight forwarders are currently facing. The interested parties will gather together to discuss the alternative energy sources and the infrastructure they require for the transport of a freight forwarders sector to play an imperative role in the energy transition.
  2. Solutrans0 – in the era of digital technologies, the transport and list of logistics companies is modernizing and adapting itself to meet the new reality of digitization. The vehicles of the international freight forwarders association and the transportation companies will become even more interconnected to a point of full autonomy. Solutrans 4.0 will be the forum at which presentations will be given in regard to the future and innovations in the business.
  3. Solutrans work, know-how, and experience – the wind of change affected the main workplaces in the transport and international forwarding services – from the production of vehicles to their drivers. The new technologies have totally transformed the existing professions and have created entirely new ones. Solutrans will include the training organizations with the professionals to remind them of the importance of providing adequate and timely training for the employees, and for the development of new training courses which meet the new job positions and requirements.

So, for all of the member companies of IFA, SOLUTRANS is definitely a forum which will bring a new understanding of the rapidly developing business or transportation and hauling, and of the new requirement which they need to meet technologically as well as on a human level.

Make sure, you mark the event on your calendar for 2019 so that you can be informed of all the latest tendencies and future innovations in the international freight forwarders sector.