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International Forwarding Association Blog » News » Details about GreyOrange‘s supply chain automation solutions from the 8th India Warehousing Show
India Warehousing Show

Details about GreyOrange‘s supply chain automation solutions from the 8th India Warehousing Show

The International Forwarding Association is always interested in the latest innovations in the field of storage and distribution and the automation of the supply chain.

During the 8th India Warehousing Show which took place on June 21-23 2018 in Pragati Maidan in New Delhi, GreyOrange which is an international company for robotics and supply chain automation presented its portfolio with all of its latest end-to-end solutions for the automation of the supply chain.

It is expected that more International freight forwarders that offer distribution services and contract logistics will be implementing these or similar solutions to improve the efficiency, timeliness and decrease the prices for the customers when handling, storing and distributing their goods.


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According to GreyOrange, a significant boost in the use of robots for warehouse automation and for international freight forwarding is expected up to 2022.

This optimization of the supply chain will keep the companies from the international freight forwarders network competitive.

Some of these solutions presented by GreyOrange include the Butler robotics system, the Sorter and Pick-Put-to-Light for sorting of high volumes of goods, as well as the GreyMatter specialized software platform.

The systems and software are applicable not only for the international freight forwarding companies but for many other industries as well.

The objective is to maximize and optimize the end-to-end efficiency of warehouse management.


The Butler TM

The Butler goods-to-person automatized system which has already been deployed by a number of international freight forwarders and warehouse and distribution centers in Japan, Europe, America, and India. It can handle volumes of 100-1,600kg (220-3,500lbs.) of all kinds of goods, from raw materials, sacks, drums, and pallets to finished goods. The Butler system moves the goods, and even features an elevator which allows for multi-floor operation and an even greater flexibility when handling inventory in a warehouse.

There is no doubt that such an efficient solution will eliminate the need of using too much human labor and various machines and tools for the job, and that the Butler is a much faster, efficient and safer option for moving large volumes of goods stored and handled by the list of logistics companies.

The Linear Sorter and Pick-Put-to-Light

This advanced system has already been installed on over 50 sites which serve the rapidly growing e-commerce markets in Asia, including India, Indonesia, and Singapore. The system can handle high-speed sorting of all kinds of parcels, with different sizes and shapes, including apparel, e-commerce packages, and consumer goods.

Since an estimated 70 percent of all operating costs for the warehouses of the international freight forwarding companies and services are for picking and replenishing, GreyOrange has designed the Pick-Put-to-Light system which helps improve the accuracy and efficiency of the warehouse operators, which helps increase the overall productivity in these centers.

The GreyMatter software platform

The patented GreyMatter software platform by GreyOrange helps integrate the different automation systems and synchronize the flow of materials for a much higher efficiency and for easier and more precise management of omnichannel warehouses.

The software platform uses Artificial Intelligence as well as Machine Learning for optimizing the complex and large processes involved in e-commerce, third party logistics, manufacturing, and retail, and it does it all in real-time.

No doubt, solutions like these will become indispensable for the European network of transportation and for all the storage and distribution services it provides to its customers in the near future.