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Organizing the orders by confirming the details with the customers

Prior to each shipment, the employees from the forwarders throughout Europe receive detailed information regarding the cargo and goods.

This allows them to pack them properly and to organize the care for those products which require special conditions for storage or transport, such as temperature levels, humidity and so on.

The proper preparation is vital for the freight forwarding services.


European network for transportation


Here we will discuss all the basic details which the companies from the European network for transportation need to know in order to properly organizing the freight forwarding.


  1. The type of cargo or goods – whether they are fast-moving, or other. This is essential because fast-moving goods require special vehicles which comply with certain requirements such as temperature and humidity levels as well as others.


  1. The weight of the cargo needs to be estimated prior to or during their receipt. This includes the net weight of the cargo as well as the gross weight along with the packaging and other accessories used for their transport.


  1. The dimensions of the cargo need to be known so that they can be properly fitted in the containers and vehicles for the groupage services and for the distribution logistics.


  1. The next detail is the number of units. This is also important for the proper storing, packing, loading and unloading of the cargo.

When the volume of the cargo is small, the employees of the European logistics association can offer the customers a groupage transport service. In case the volumes are large and are sufficient to fill an entire container or vehicle, a service such as complete loads is offered.


  1. The international codes for the products are another essential detail when preparing goods for shipping. They allow for easy identification of each type of goods during customs and other checks. The classification of the goods via numbers and codes makes it easier to identify the type of goods being transported, not only by type but with more specifics.


  1. The employees of the freight forwarders directoryneed to get information about the preferences which the customers have regarding the type of transport to be used for the forwarding. This will allow them to choose the most suitable vehicle and make the best offer for forwarding. The type of transport also depends on the price which the customer is ready to pay for the services. Water transport is the cheapest type of transport. The European network for logisticsoffers express road and other transport at competitive prices.


  1. The type of delivery preferred by the customer at the final destination of the freight forwarding. This is the question which all employees of the European logistics companies ask in order to properly plan and prepare the freight forwarding service. Apart from the delivery to a specific port, warehouse, office, or another place in any city or European country, the customers can also specify whether they need a door-to-door delivery service which will save them a lot of time too. The loads can be loaded from the premises of the customer (factory, office, warehouse or other) and delivered to the warehouse or office of the recipient.


  1. Whenever it is necessary to prepare the documents for export or import in the cases when the freight forwarding services include crossing the EU border into third countries, the international freight forwarders can provide this services for the customers as well.This can save them a lot of time and effort. This detail needs to be clarified prior to the forwarding in order for all the necessary documents to be prepared in a timely manner for the shipment.


Based on all these details, the employers of the freight forwarding companies prepare their best offers for the services provided. The offers are calculated based on all requirements regarding the terms of delivery, any special conditions required for the forwarding, the need for special packaging and other specific details.