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Introduction to logistics – here are some basic concepts

Many of the retailers, distributors and other customers use the services provided by the freight forwarders Europe. And many others will be using their logistics services in the future. Since some of the terms used in logistics may not be quite clear for the existing and future customers of this type of service, we from the international freight forwarders network offer a brief overview of the basic concepts which our customers need to know when using our professional services.


Logistics and groupage lines

In the cases when the customer needs a transport service for their goods from one European country to another and for regular deliveries of smaller shipments, we provide them with our best offers for our reasonably priced groupage transport service.  Groupage services are regularly provided for transport between two countries. They are part of the modern logistic services providing forwarding of goods and cargo.

Our logistics services include the forwarding of goods or cargo from warehouses or other storage centers to the points of retail where they become available for the end customers. Due to the extensive commerce among European countries, many of the manufacturers and retailers are regular customers of the European logistics companies.


Supply chain

The supply chains are essential for the delivery of regular lots and shipments of goods to satisfy the demand on the market used by the retailers and provided by the forwarders throughout Еurope. When supply chains are organized, the retailers plan each delivery necessary for ensuring regular product flow to the specific destinations. Apart from that, these shipments and deliveries need to be properly managed, in order to ensure that all required volumes of goods are transported by the forwarders throughout Europe, as well as their delivery to warehouses, stores, and other end destinations.

The external processes included in the supply chain account for over 50% of the cost of the goods. These include the purchase of raw materials, their delivery, and others. This is why in order to lower the cost of the product all related external services and processes need to be as inexpensive as possible. This is a basic principle followed by modern manufacturers.

Another important aspect of the supply chain is ensuring strong connections among all partners participating in them. This allows for the fast communication of pertinent information necessary for the smooth running of the supply chain. This is crucial for getting the products to the end customers in time and in good condition.


Distribution – an essential part of the activity of modern commerce

The distribution of the goods provided by the international freight forwarders association starts with providing storage spaces where all necessary stocks are stored.  The warehouses provided by the freight transport association allow for storage of the goods in accordance with their type and lot.

After that, the products get delivered by the freight forwarders network to the end customers from the warehouse. This can be especially useful for deliveries resulting from online purchases which are becoming increasingly popular.

With the increasing number of online stores which are open to customers throughout Europe, these online retailers can count on reliable and quick deliveries of the products to their customers via the distribution logistics services provided.

This is why the logistics services along with the supply chain and distribution lines all play a crucial role in the European and global business as well as for the customers worldwide.