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European logistics managers

The serious challenges which European logistics managers are facing every day

The majority of the logistics managers from the European Logistics Network are faced with multiple challenges and need to multi-task on a daily basis.

This is partly due to the boost of international trade and the increasing demand for timely, cheap and reliable international freight forwarding services but there are many other problems which need to be resolved each and every day.

Here are some of the main challenges which the managers from IFA are currently facing.

international freight forwarding services

Improvement of customer service

Proper logistics management is all about supplying the proper quantity of the right goods or cargo to the right place in the right time. When any of these factors goes wrong, the customer satisfaction decreases.

Also, in this day and age of advanced technology, customers expect to know exactly where their shipment is at every given time during the international freight forwarding or its storage and distribution.

Plus, with the boost in online commerce, customers are willing to pay less for shipments, delivery and all kinds of international freight services, and they also expect the deadlines for the delivery to be much faster than they used to be just several years ago.

Expectations for lower cost of the international freight services

Managers are faced with the ongoing problem and expectations of cutting the transportation costs for all kinds of forwarding services including for small shipments, for complete loads, for air freight in Europe and for all other services provided by the list of logistics companies from IFA. This though is hindered by the growing costs of fuel on a global basis, as well as all other costs associated with implementing new technologies, new vehicles and new software management systems in the companies from the freight forwarders network.

Assessing and managing the risks

Just like in any other business sector, the companies from the European network for transportation are faced with periodic assessments as well as with planning and implementing changes which will reduce the potential risks for the business, for the cargo and goods and for the employees in the companies from the international freight forwarders association.

The relationships with suppliers and partners

In order to ensure that any partners, suppliers which a company from the freight transport association will provide products and services in compliance with the standards and procedures of the company, and with the expectations and requirements of its customers, it must be ensured that they all work under the same agreed-upon standards.

Compliance with national and international governmental and environmental regulations

All carriers from the freight forwarders directory are faced with regulations by their local governments as well as by international legislation which they need to strictly adhere to and comply with. These regulations include safety, lowering emissions and noise pollution as well as other environmental requirements for green logistics, licensing, employee training and various other regulations, the implementation of which is often much costlier than the member companies from the international freight forwarders association can afford.

So, as you can see, the logistics managers from IFA are constantly being faced with serious issues and problems which need to be handled in a timely, cost-efficient and appropriate manner. This makes the work of the managers from the companies providing European logistics services such a challenging and very interesting job.