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Entrust European logistics companies with packing the consignments

The packing is an important operation in the preparation for the consignments of international freight forwarding. In Portugal, for a third year in a row the exhibition  Empackand Transport & Logistics will be conducted. In September 2018, in Porto will be presented new decisions for packing materials and products, which also contribute to the relegation to the minimum of the risk for the freights. The firms from freight forwarders association follow the novelty and tendencies in packing, since they are connected to the deliveries.


exhibition  Empackand Transport & Logistics


Entrusting logistic firms with packing

The producers and tradesmen who use the services of freight forwarders, count on them for packing their freights. The logistic firms more and more are turning into multifunctional partners, who also have many other different functions, connected to the freights, except transporting.

Packing activities from International freight forwarders association

The packing activities have their specifics, connected with the choice of materials according to the type of the freights, for ensuring the safety during transporting, for packing for transporting in group containers etc. The services of freight forwarders directory include:

  • 3D printing
  • Offset printing
  • Digital printing
  • Packing in a packing in a concrete color
  • Laminating
  • Packing freights, requiring special temperature regime
  • Final packing with folio and protective packings
  • Putting the label on the packed consignments

And, other services, according to the type of the freights, transport etc.

The packing services from international freight forwarders are done with materials and consumptives, provided by them. For higher efficacy is used equipment for packing, labeling etc.


international freight forwarding


Packing is especially important in transport of products from online stores

 Interned based tradesmen are amongst the most regular clients of the groupage transport service. Packing the stocks of online stores must be done in such a way so they can easily be grouped in consignments, without damaging each one of them. Another basic requirement is to be used contemporary marking equipment.

For the protection of the stocks are used only a few suitable packing materials. Additional measurements, which are offered by forwarders throughout Europe include 2D codes, packing that cannot be opened during the transporting and tracing systems for information of the movement of the consignments always.

The variety of stocks, bought from online stores are no longer restricted with books, games and electronic devices. The clients from different European countries can easily buy stocks like flowers, clothes m accessories, even furniture and materials for repairs and improvements at home. For packing of all stocks freight forwarders Europe offer suitable materials as marking elements.

The care for the environment when using packing materials

It’s well known that plastic packings are amongst the most often polluters of the environment. The firms from European network for logistics strive for increasing of the allotment of the recycling materials, used for packing and in the secondary packing of the smallest consignments in Europe-wide groupage transport service use biodegradable materials.