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European logistics companies

Achieving cheaper freights with European logistics companies

Customers look for appropriate logistic services as to the freight types and the suitable deadlines, but not only. They also look for some low-cost prices, too. The companies from freight forwarders association take care of the price deduction in many ways by offering shorter routes, an option for combing small packages in groupage services and many others.

The optimization of the routes is one of the methods that tend to reduce the freight prices and it the main focus in international freight services. By having in mind the big number of the available means of transportation used by forwarders throughout Еurope the achieved savings become a great advantage even for the logistic companies, themselves.


The factors that should be controlled for delivery optimization

Maximum usage of the number of means of transportation

European logistics companies

Within the execution of the logistic freights the means of transportation are of the biggest significance. For the optimization of these means of transportation and for the exploitation of their full capacity it is on mandatory to select those means of transportation that come with the most similar volume to the volume of the goods for the delivery.
In other words, unfilled volume means financial losses.

Availability of the necessary means of transportation

Having at disposal the necessary means of transportation in the parking spaces of the companies from freight forwarders directory is another important factor to have in mind. In these parking spaces a big enough number of means of transportation is supposed to be provided. Yet, they are not enough as other means of transportation that are suitable for specific freights are needed – for instance, refrigerator trucks, trucks for clothing transportation and etc. In the course of time, with the appearance of the newest tendencies for transportation of different goods, rethinking and reorganization of the plans for the support of certain means of transportation become a must. It might get necessary to put into use new specific means of transportation, especially in correspondence to the newest customers’ demand.

The experts from network of freight forwarders follow these new tendencies in the demand and the necessity of the traditional and the innovative means of transportation.

Organization of the means of transportation

The common requirements for achieving cheap freights represent the organization of the means of transportation each company from international freight forwarders network has aiming to manage freights with as shorter as possible stays between the lines. The companies from European network for logistics combine their means of transportation so they can execute all of their orders with no delays. This is how any financial loss is avoided.

Staff organization

Staff work management also defines the efficiency of the freights, as well as the one of the freight loading and discharging. Planning ahead always helps the faster repartition of the staff that works for freight forwarders Europe, as well as the avoidance of delays or impossibility of fast order execution.

Synchronized services by international freight forwarders

The synchronization between European network for logistics services contributes to the maximum shortening of the routes, as well as of the delivery time. This is how the local companies in a certain European country use the most optimized routes in passing the logistic freights by way of the concrete country and then, immediately taken by the logistic lines from the neighbour country. The short frights managed with the execution of the transportation via the shortest possible routes save time and fuel, as well as the number of involved employees from the staff. Thus, the freight price is deducted in two different ways.

Usage of multimodal transportation

The multimodal routes, with the combination of two or more means of transportation have become popular endorsed solutions for time and distance deduction of the freights and respectively, for the common price deduction.

International freight forwarders association mainly combines an automobile with water transportation in order to achieve shorter routes which eventually lead to shorter transportation duration.