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Cargo anti-theft measures

The volumes of the cargo being forwarded to different European destinations by the freight forwarders association are very large.  Apart from the growing number of services provided to the customers, such as door-to-door deliveries, cross-docking and in the near future, the use of drones for local deliveries, the forwarders throughout Europe are striving to prevent the cases of theft of goods and cargo during the forwarding. These occurrences are very rare, but still, they are very unpleasant for both the forwarders as well as for the customers.


Both inexpensive and precious loads become objects of theft

Until recently, it was considered that the risk of theft is mostly for valuable and expensive cargo in the vehicles and storages of the forwarders. The latest statistics show that the number of inexpensive cargo during forwarding has increased on a global level.

The thieves rely on modern digital technology to track these loads and are becoming craftier in using modern equipment for their thefts. It is essential that the logistics companies counteract them in this regard.


Measures for protecting the goods being transported

During the forwarding of goods in different vehicles, all kinds of measures for protecting them against theft are being taken. They are packed not only as separate units, but with a whole single packaging layer keeping all of them together, and also the vehicles are locked at all times. The same measures are taken when the cargo and goods are stored in the warehouses of the freight forwarding companies.


Particular caution when publishing information online

The World Wide Web has become a part of every business including the freight forwarding business. The use of the internet for advertising, for providing information regarding the services offered by the logistics companies, the schedules for the groupage services in regard to the Europe-wide groupage transport service facilitates the customers. Unfortunately, this type of information can be stolen or used by the thieves. This is why the companies of the European network for logistics are very cautious about the type of information they make available online. Modern communication methods allow for real-time and quick contact with the customers at all times, which allows for this type of specific information regarding these services to be sent in a private manner, rather than make it publicly available.


Careful handling of the information by the drivers

The drivers of the international freight association have very detailed information regarding the routes used for the forwarding services. They have been instructed not to disclose details about the routes or regarding the types of goods and shipments, they are carrying. This helps prevent the leakage of such sensitive information to potential thieves.


The use of modern technologies for preventing thefts

As mentioned above, the logistics companies use the modern communication technologies and applications to keep the customers informed about the details regarding the forwarding routes, destinations, and other sensitive information. The network of freight forwarders also uses immobilizers for their vehicles to prevent larger thefts and in case the thieves are planning to steal the vehicle along with the cargo inside it. By immobilizing the vehicle, this becomes impossible and the chances of catching the thieves are bigger.


Parking the vehicles one after the other and locking form several sides

In the cases when a forwarding of goods and cargo involves more than one truck, they park closely together – one behind the other when staying in a parking lot. This prevents the thieves from entering the truck because the driver behind it can keep an eye on the rear side of the vehicle.

If the driver is traveling alone, he or she looks for a parking space allowing the truck to back up close to a wall which also helps prevent unauthorized entry and access to the cargo.

Even the simplest measures such as the use of a couple of padlocks and locking devices between the truck and the trailer can increase the safety of the cargo and goods being forwarded.