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Specialized transportation

Specialized Cargo

Types of Vessels Carrying General and Specialized Cargo

Logistics services providers ship cargo on different types of vessels based on the kinds of goods to be transported. Ships come in different sizes and include reefer vessels, livestock vessels, container carriers, tanker vessels, multi-purpose vessels, and others. Size Ultra large crude carriers weigh between 320,000 and 550,000 DWT and are used to ship hazardous goods such as chemicals, liquefied natural gas, and crude oil. Very large crude carriers weigh up to 320,000 DWT while Capesize are up to 150,000 DWT and can only pass through Cape Horn and Cape of Good Hope but not through the Suez Canal or… Read more

European network for transportation FSMA

How IFA can be affected by the Food Safety Modernization Act

The International Forwarding Association has been steadily working on implementing various visibility tools in order to comply with international food safety regulations. Since there have been worrying signals for food getting recalled by the manufacturers and retailers, and for cases when certain foodstuffs have been found to cause sickness and other health problems, the companies from the European network for transportation have been working on limiting the risk of foodstuffs which are being transported getting spoiled or otherwise damaged or contaminated during their transportation, storage and distribution provided by the international freight forwarders. The adoption of FSMA In the US,… Read more

forwarding of live animals

Freight forwarding of live animals throughout Europe

The need of forwarding of live animals by air Live animals, including various types of livestock, pets, birds, reptiles or insects require special conditions when being transported. Most importantly, the forwarding needs to be as short and quick as possible in order to reduce the risk stress and physical harm to the live animals. This is why air transport is used for animal freight forwarding services. Also, air transport reduces the shaking and the commotion of the containers associated with road transport, which is also better for the animals being transported. This is why the network of freight forwarders offers… Read more

transport of agricultural production

Specialized transport of agricultural production

The forwarding of agricultural products takes up a large share of the types of cargo being transported by the forwarders throughout Europe. Large and small producers sell and deliver raw materials for the food industry as well as products for a large number of stores and retailers. Many of these products require special conditions for their transport in order to preserve their quality and expiration date. The companies in the list of logistics companies meet these requirements.   Cutting the time between the production of agricultural goods and its delivery to the consumers With the help of the logistics solutions… Read more

specialized transport in Europe

The development of specialized transport in Europe

The total volume of the cargo being shipped within Europe is enormous. The reasons behind this include the ease of transporting the cargo, the simplified customs and trade formalities within the European Union, as well as the globalization of the world economy, which allows for easy communication and development of the commerce as well as the mobility within the European countries. This is why the member companies of the European network for logistics are continuously working on increasing the number of service they offer and for cooperation when providing groupage transport service and complete loads.   Developments in the min… Read more

transport of machines

Specialized machine transport in Europe

The forwarding of machines is an important part of the service provided by the European network for logistics. Machines are essential for all modern industries and as such are subject of intensive trade.  IFA meets the growingly increasing demand for the transport of machines with its growing network as well as its individual solutions for normal and express machine transport.   Cooperation and experience – two important advantages of the network of freight forwarders The collaboration among the member companies of the European logistics network allows for providing combined efforts for timely offers and combined delivery routes for the delivery… Read more

Specialized forwarding services for the pharmaceutical industry

Specialized forwarding services for the pharmaceutical industry in the EU

The main type of pharmaceutical cargo being forwarded in Europe consists of medicines and other pharmaceutical products. Along with the various drugs, other pharmaceutical products which are at high demand in the European pharmacies, such as sanitary products are also being forwarded on a regular basis. The European network for transportation ensures that all countries in Europe receive regular supplies of all needed pharmaceuticals and sanitary materials.   Planning the logistics for the pharmaceutical industry Planning is crucial when it comes to the forwarding of pharmaceutical products, because it needs to ensure that sufficient supplies of the different pharmaceuticals and… Read more

textile freight forwarding services

Opportunities provided by the European textile freight forwarding services

The textile industry provides products which are under demand throughout Europe, and the European network for transportation carries clothes – both casual and formal, which reach the warehouses of the distributors and shops in excellent condition, thanks to the experience which the freight forwarders Europe have in transporting textiles and clothing via its groupage services и distribution logistics. The world’s major clothing manufacturers The European Union is the leader in the production and export of clothing. Bulgaria and Albania are the countries in the EU which are the biggest producers and exporters clothing. They are the main countries exporters of… Read more

forwarding of chemicals

The European requirements for the logistics and storage of chemicals used in the chemical industry

The forwarding of chemicals used in different industries, such as: chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries are a main part of the groupage services provided. Chemicals can be aggressive and often are toxic. This is why certain requirements for the safety of the personnel and the environment need to be followed during their packaging and forwarding.   The European Regulation No.1272/2008 for classification, packaging and labeling of solutions and mixtures When forwarding chemicals, the European logistics network acts in accordance with the European Regulation No.1272. This regulation includes the risks and hazards of inadequate packaging and labeling of chemicals, and thus… Read more

Logistics for the European textile industry

Logistics for the European textile industry

The products of the textile industry, including: textiles, samples and finished garments reach each and every point of Europe thanks to the logistics provided by the forwarders throughout Europe and the specialised services and vehicles for these types of products.   Logistics of ready garments, underwear, bed linen – a basic part of the services offered by the member companies of IFA More customers are looking for clothes which come with the convenience of being able to try them on and immediately determine whether the design and size are alright. The main producers of confection in Europe are located in… Read more

refrigeration transport services

European refrigeration transport services

Special vehicles are needed for the transport of frozen or chilled goods and cargo. They need to be able to maintain a temperature necessary to preserve the quality of the frozen or chilled goods. You can count on the freight forwarders network for refrigeration transport to every part of Europe.   The specialised refrigeration trucks   Each of the freight forwarders in the  European Logistics Network has special trucks with refrigeration equipment and a capacity of up to 20 tons. The temperature is controlled at all times during the transport by the drivers. They use the temperature loggers which are… Read more

Oversized cargo

Oversized cargo – an important part of European freight forwarding

The forwarding of oversized cargo to different European countries is an important part of the logistics services by the freight forwarders network. The forwarding of cargo which has a size and weight exceeding the maximum permissible ones happens all of the time.  This is why the international freight forwarders have vehicles which have a bigger weight and length, so that they can offer this kind of freight forwarding services for oversized cargo, Indivisibility of cargo Oversized loads have size or weight exceeding the maximum permissible because they can not be divided up and spread out for transportation of two or… Read more

network DGR/ADR handling

The European logistics network DGR/ADR handling

The European logistics network unites European freight forwarding companies which offer the forwarding of various goods.  There is a growing need for the transportation of dangerous goods. These include: certain raw materials, basic materials, fuels, medical waste and many others.  The dangerous goods are classified in accordance to their danger class, as follows:   Class 1 – fireworks, rockets, flares and others. Class 2 – aerosols, butane, propane, ethane, methane, ethylene, propylene and others. Class 3 – acetone, alcohol, petrol, kerosene, diesel fuel and other flammable liquids Class 4 – sodium batteries, lighters, matches and other flammable solids Class 5… Read more