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Sea freight in Europe

Sea Freight Transport

Types of Cargo Shipped by Sea Freight Transport

Sea transport was the main vehicle of international commerce for centuries and is still a popular mode of transportation due to factors such as high load capacity, low cost, and reliability in bad weather. Sea freight transport is also a preferred solution for shipments across long distances. Types of Goods Transported by Sea The main categories of cargo transported by sea include roll on/roll off, break bulk, dry bulk, liquid bulk, and container cargo. Container Cargo Containers are used to ship items such as computers, meat, clothing, televisions, and toys. Goods are usually shipped in containers with metal walls to… Read more

FCL and LCL container shipments

FCL and LCL container shipments by sea for Europe

Sea transport allows for cheap freight forwarding of cargo to and from a large number of European countries.  It is the preferred form of transport for big volumes of goods as well as for smaller ones in containers when the delivery terms are not urgent.  The customers of freight forwarders Europe have a choice between FCL and LCL transport services.   What are the FCL and LCL shipments FCL is an abbreviation for “full container load”. If you have large enough volumes of cargo which need to be forwarded, this is the best and the cheapest solution for you. The… Read more

Sea freight in Europe

Promoting water transport in the European Union

Water transport has long since established itself as a cheap option for transportation over various distances. It is widely used by the International Forwarding Association to provide shippers of goods with a cheaper option for transportation. Water transport is being promoted within the European Union due to its undoubted advantages: Increased efficiency due to the implementation of new technologies Advantages compared with other modes of transport Widespread use of water transport for shipments of raw materials and commodities. The contribution of technology to improving the efficiency of water transport Advances in modern technologies contribute to the improvement of all modes… Read more