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Air freight in Europe

air freight forwarding services

The requirements from IATA for air freight forwarding services

When forwarding cargo by air, it is essential that all standards and guidelines by the International Air Transport Association for safety are duly met. The freight forwarders Europe provide their services in full compliance with these requirements and inform their customers about all necessary regulations and possible limitations in regard to the air transport service.   The regulations for forwarding of cargo via air transport The safety guidelines and standards by IATA for air freight forwarding are for the following types of cargo: Lithium batteries Hazardous loads Live animals Cargo of these types needs to be appropriately labeled with labels… Read more

Air freight in Europe

Air transport in Europe for express deliveries

When express deliveries are required, air services from the International Forwarding Association are the best solution.   Types of shipments usually sent by express delivery Perishable goods with limited shelf life Valuable cargo, which needs express delivery to reduce the risk of loss or damage Documents Express delivery of documents Express shipments often contain documents. Sending them is necessary mostly in connection with the increasingly expanding trade. Delivery of express parcels containing documents can be done from door to door at your request. Specifics of contracts between the shipper and the air transport carrier The first thing to do when… Read more

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Air transport in the FMCG sector

Eating a variety of foods delivered from distant countries is a constant for modern people. This wide range of food has its limited period of duration, which is the main reason air transport is the best choice for FMCG.   Types of food and other FMCG transported by air Fruits Vegetables Meat Fish Flowers and more.   Factors influencing the transport of FMCG This type of transport is still developing as the tendency of consumption in the markets are countinously changing. But besides that other factors are being changed: The decrees concerning the air transports The continuously raising expectations of… Read more