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Freight Transport

Pros and Cons of Different Types of Freight Transport

Logistics services providers offer and use different modes of transportation to move goods, including rail, road, air, and sea transport.  All modes have pros and cons in terms of safety, speed, reliability, cost, and risk of damages. Rail Transport Rail freight has benefits over other transportation options, one being that it is a cost-effective solution for long distance transits. It is also a green logistics solution in light of the fact that rail transport emits 77 percent less than road freight. It is also a more dependable transportation option in bad weather such as heavy rain or snowfall. On the… Read more

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Safety Measures and Precautions for Cargo Theft Prevention

With globalization and the ever increasing interdependence of European economies, cargo theft has become a real threat. Criminal groups often target high-value goods such as pharmaceutical products and mobile devices, and the number of incidents has increased during the last couple of years. Given that billions are lost to cargo theft each year, prevention is the key to ensuring safe transit. There are some proactive steps that IFA members can take to protect cargo from getting stolen. Who Is at Risk Forwarders that serve the textile industry should be extra vigilant because clothing and apparel are more difficult to trace… Read more

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Solar Energy Logistics

Solar energy technologies have been in a constant state of growth and innovation during the last years. At the same time, businesses face multiple challenges such as unpredictability, cost of investment and fabrication costs, and storage efficiency. Services for Solar Energy Businesses   To help industry partners to achieve optimal results, we offer specialized logistics solutions such as storage and distribution, air and land freight, shipping of equipment, and more. We serve small and medium-sized businesses, start-ups, and major manufacturers and provide customized logistics solutions that are tailored to their specific requirements.   Shipping is one method to move oversized… Read more

E-Commerce Retail Logistics

Retail logistics and e-commerce

Traditional retail supply chains are different from e-commerce in terms of shipment and delivery, purchases, locations, and the actors involved. Retailers choose attractive, high traffic locations to advertise goods and feature local deliveries for big ticket items. The retail location is important which explains why businesses are willing to pay costs such as rent, utilities, salaries, etc. Expenses incurred by retailers to secure a location are included in the price of goods. With the advance of e-commerce, however, the relationship and interaction between retailers and customers has changed considerably, requiring a new approach in terms of e-commerce retail logistics. Retailers… Read more

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The latest trends in the retail logistics services offered by IFA

With the huge boost in online commerce, it comes to no surprise that this has had a huge impact on the logistics services offered by the companies in the International Forwarding Association. While in traditional brick and mortar based retail, the customer is responsible to go to the retailer to purchase something and is actually performing the “last mile” in the distribution chain, with e-commerce, the customer expects the goods to be delivered to him or her, and thus the last mile delivery is performed by the list of logistics companies instead. Since location is an essential element of retailing,… Read more

Warehousing logistics

How IFA is assisting European business with it Warehousing logistics

The companies from the International Forwarding Association are well aware of the importance of the storage and distribution services they provide for the different businesses in Europe. Warehousing is a must for the majority of businesses which produce, export, import or transport goods. Although it may seem like an unneeded expense, the truth is that successfully selling products is not completed by simply fulfilling an order by a customer. A warehouse like those offered by the European network for transportation allows businesses to have better and closer control over their inventory, as well as ensure that the clients receive the… Read more

Specialized transportation

How IFA handles high tech logistics tasks

With the advance of technology, as well as the globalization of the world and the market, specialized logistics services for high tech products and for high tech production companies have become a top priority of the list of logistics companies from IFA. The companies from the European network for transportation are well aware of the responsibility of handling high tech products with ultimate care and attention. The various members of the freight transport association are experts in providing completely secure, cost-effective and innovative solutions for the specialized transportation, the packaging, and the storage and distribution of sensitive goods and high… Read more

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Why the logistic services provided by IFA are so essential for the supply chain

Every successful entrepreneur will agree that the logistics and international freight forwarding services are of key importance for the successful business. This is because the list of logistics companies provides seamless services which answer the demands of the customers and thus allows for the company to stay ahead of the competition. No matter the size and type of a business, every company wants to grow and expand. This can mean expanding in your town, in your country or internationally. The companies from the International Forwarders Association are experienced enough to help all types of organizations buy, sell, deliver and store… Read more

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What the members of IFA are looking for when recruiting new logistics employees

The logistics and transportation industry is a highly competitive sector which is why the companies from the International Forwarding Association are doing their best to find and recruit the most suitable logistics experts and employees. Here are the common traits which the members of the European logistics network pay the closest attention to when interviewing and choosing candidates for work: Experience Naturally, all companies from the European network for transportation are looking for people with previous experience in the field, especially when seeking employees for management positions and for more specific jobs like European groupage services, specialized transportation, green logistics,… Read more


Why is logistics essential for just about every single company around the world?

The members of the International Forwarding Association have always been working hard to provide the best and most reliable European logistics services possible because they are all aware of the importance of logistics for the overall economy, the international commerce and the wellbeing of the people on the continent. So, what is logistics, and what makes it so important for almost all other businesses? Logistics as a term first originated in the military and was used as a term to describe the process of supplying equipment and other army supplies to the different troops and military bases and zones. As… Read more

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How the advent of technology has completely changed the logistics industry

Just three decades ago, logistics and the services provided by international freight forwarders was part of the supply chain which was never fully transparent, clear and predictable. The reason why the international freight services in the 1970s and 1980s were so uncertain and not straightforward was the lack of means to keep track of the shipments, their exact location, and condition in real time. Thanks to the rapid development in technology in the past few decades, today the list of logistics companies from IFA and all freight forwarders around the world have the technological and communication means to track all… Read more

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The trends in logistics and the supply chain management to look for in 2019

We are close to the end of the first quarter of 2019, and the freight forwarders and European logistics companies from IFA are already prepared to meet the expected trends which will likely shape the logistics and supply chain industry this year. They are all a direct result of the growing diversity and increasing globalization, as well as the rapid development of AI, IoT and automation technologies in the last few years. Here are the main trends to look forward to in 2019, according to the International Forwarding Association: 3PL trends for 2019 Third-party logistics is expected to continue expanding… Read more

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Everything you need to know about logistics management

The member companies of the International Forwarding Association (IFA) are all specialized in logistics management. Here is an overview of all you need to know about the term logistics management and how it is implemented by the European network for transportation: What is logistics? As you probably know, logistics is the process which the members of the freight forwarders directory use for the coordination and for moving goods, cargo and other resources, including machinery, food, inventory, materials, liquids, and even people from one location to another. Logistics was first introduced as a military term and was used to describe the… Read more


The benefits of using cross-docking by the companies from IFA

The practice of cross-docking which is becoming increasingly popular among the members of the freight forwarders association and among all storage and distribution services and warehouse logistic companies involves the delivery of products from the production plant to the end customer with minimal or even no material handling done in between. The use of cross-docking also reduces the need for storage space for the products, because in most cases they are delivered to the loading dock directly and prepared by outbound delivery by the members of the International Forwarding Association. Implementing effective cross docking solutions by the list of logistics… Read more

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The cost of stockouts and their overall effect on the supply chain and the freight forwarders association

All of the member companies of IFA are aware of the negative effect of a stockout for any business. A stockout means that the storage and distribution services provided by the International Forwarding Association run out of a particular item, which leads to canceled orders and the impossibility to fulfill them. A stockout can lead to significant losses for any company. This is why the European network for transportation is working on optimizing its supply chain services so that the risk of running out of a particular product is minimized, and so that the customers receive the items they want… Read more

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Everything you need to know about Lean Logistics

You may have heard of the term “Lean Logistics” which is becoming more popular among the European logistics companies from the International Forwarding Association. If you are not quite sure what lean logistics is and how it can improve the supply chain and the processes and services offered by the forwarders throughout Europe, read on to find out everything you need to know about this relatively new concept. What exactly is lean logistics Lean logistics is a supply chain process which can help the members of the freight forwarding association reduce the costs for their services, improve their overall performance,… Read more

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The road to success of the reverse logistics services provided by IFA

While reverse logistics is a part of the services offered by the International Forwarding Association, it has often been overlooked in the past. The truth is there are multiple benefits of the reverse logistics procedures implemented by the companies from the European logistics network, which have paved way to success for the international freight forwarders and their multiple clients. What exactly is reverse logistics? This is the process which includes all of the procedures implemented by the international freight forwarders network for dealing with product returns, as well as their repairs, maintenance, storage and distribution, recycling and dismantling. It is… Read more

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How Blockchain Can Transform the Supply Chain

As members of IFA know, the supply chain is becoming ever so complicated with problems like delays in the payment between manufacturers and suppliers as well as between customers and retailers. The contractual agreements as well as contract logistics often require using the services of banks and lawyers which add to the delays and the costs. There is also the problem with the traceability of the goods back to the suppliers which makes it difficult to deal with defects and returns. The lack of direct communication between the suppliers, retailers and the customers can lead to frictions and can involve… Read more

e-commerce by the logistics companies

Adapting to digital e-commerce by the logistics companies

As with all aspects of commerce, online retail is affecting the storage and distribution and the overall logistics services provided by freight forwarders from the International Forwarding Association as well. Today, the average consumer is relying mainly on their smartphone to purchase all kinds of goods and services – from grocery shopping to making serious investments. Customers expect a growing choice of products, better prices, discounts, and further convenience when it comes to payment and speedy delivery by the national and international freight services. The European logistics network and businesses dealing with international freight services need to keep in line… Read more

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The essential supply chain trends to keep an eye on in 2019

Now that 2018 is over, it is time for the companies and freight forwarders throughout Europe who are part of IFA to analyze the results from the past year and start thinking about the new tendencies expected to affect the business in the supply chain area. So, what should the members of the European logistics network expect for the storage and distribution service and the developments in the supply chain business for 2019?     Here are the main trends which will have the greatest impact for all parties involved in the distribution, contract logistics and other services offered by… Read more