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Specifics regarding the freight forwarding services within the EU borders

Freight forwarding within the boundaries of the EU is done mainly via road transport, and a large share of these services is provided by network of freight forwarders. The service is usually combined with sea transport, intermodal combinations and by combining several types of transport. The advancements in the information and communication technologies allows for easy combination of different types of transport. More attention is being turned towards the use of rail transport.   Information and communication technologies – the basic component of the freight forwarding services   The advanced information and communication technologies allow for the easy access to… Read more

Electronic logging devices

Electronic logging devices and the advantages they provide for European logistics

Modern technologies are widely implemented in logistics. The Freight forwarders association is taking advantage of all benefits and facilities provided by the electronic logging devices in order to keep track of the working hours of their drivers in charge of the international forwarding of cargo and goods.   What does the abbreviation ELD stand for? The abbreviation is for “electronic logging device”.     Connection to the vehicle, registering and data collection This device helps professional drivers including those working for the freight forwarders to keep track of the required driving hours and the limitations for driving. The device is… Read more

forwarders throughout Europe

The general terms and framework agreements which cover all conditions for freight forwarding

Along with the general terms for forwarding and cargo outlined by the World Road Transportation Organization (IRU), there are other additional framework agreements for logistics services such as the freight forwarders network.   The purpose of the framework agreements Framework agreements serve the purpose of defining all additional conditions and terms. These agreements are developed based on the general terms as well as on the existing international conventions valid for the forwarding of cargo. Through the framework agreements, the shipments provided by the freight forwarders are properly regulated based on the geographic regions, the seasons as well as on other… Read more

TIR system for forwarding

How the TIR system facilitates the transit forwarding of goods

We at the international freight forwarders association offer our customers to transport your goods from one country to another including transit through third countries. Your goods will be transported via the TIR system. With it, the entire route is accepted as custom controlled due to the fact that the shipments are sealed.   How to check whether your country is a side in the TIR system In order to take advantage of the TIR system for transporting your goods, it is necessary that the country of the sender and the country of the recipient are members of the TIR system…. Read more

consolidation of cargoes

The consolidation of cargoes in European logistics

Consolidation is convenient for the customers of the European logistics association because they can us the warehouse and storage services provided by the network of freight forwarders until their cargo reaches the required volume which needs to be transported.   Consolidation is especially convenient for groupage services Consolidation of loads is a regular necessity for customers who use groupage services. The warehouses of the freight transport association located in different European countries are available for the storage of smaller shipments until a larger one is accumulated. This helps the customers save money from needing to send multiple smaller shipments instead… Read more

1. Forwarding groupage container loads

Forwarding complete or groupage container loads

Container shipments provide the convenience of forwarding goods and cargo to all European countries via the services of the European network for transportation. Containers provide protection for the shipments they are carrying from any negative weather conditions and impacts including: temperature, humidity and dust. They are easy to load, download and re-load which allows for cross-docking. The customers of the network of freight forwarders can choose the most suitable container transport services for their goods and cargo   Types of container transport With container shipments there are two main types of services provided: loading the cargo or goods of the… Read more

freight forwarders Europe for European transport services

The responsibilities of freight forwarders Europe for European transport services in accordance to the CMR Convention

Apart from the wide variety of freight forwarding services via road transport, the European network for transportation also offers added security for the cargo being transported by strict compliance to the requirements for the drivers’ responsibilities in accordance to the CMR Convention.   The convention applies to all contracts for the shipment of cargo and goods via road transport from a destination in one country to a destination in another. At least one of these two countries needs to be a contracting party to the Convention.   Obligations of the carriers – the member companies of the European logistics network… Read more

Carnet de Passages en Douane (CPD) for European shipments

The use of Carnet de Passages en Douane (CPD) for European shipments

The carnet de passages is an international customs declaration which is required for the temporary import of a vehicle from one country to another. It is issued in English and French languages. The import of vehicles is performed by the member companies of the European network of transportation.   The Carnet de Passages is part of several UN conventions and is recognized by two international organizations   This document is has been used since 1913 to make traveling with one’s own vehicle easier for tourists and other travelers. It is part of the framework customs convention of the UN for… Read more

international freight services

Securing the freights during European shipments

Securing the cargo and shipments during the freight forwarding services provided by the freight forwarders network is a main part of the logistics services provided. Unsecured cargo can become damaged, get spilled and can also cause damage to the vehicles and injuries to the personnel providing the forwarding services. The regulations and rules in regard to securing the freights are different in different countries. But complying with the regulations of just one single country when the transport provided by the international freight forwarding services passes through that specific country could lead to a number of problems for the logistics companies…. Read more

international trade and logistics

The role of INCOTERMS rules for international trade and logistics

The INCOTERMS rules are developed by the International Chamber of Commerce and are applied in international commerce. They are used for international trade deals and are also followed by the freight transport association when forwarding of goods is provided. The INCOTERMS rules clearly define the tasks, costs and risks involved in transporting and delivering goods, as well as the obligations and risks associated with them.   The INCOTERMS rules – facilitating international commerce The INCOTERMS rules are applied by the governments, the legal authorities as well as by the freight forwarders from all countries, including the European ones where the… Read more

freight forwarding for the automotive industry

European freight forwarding for the automotive industry

The European automotive industry has a great production volume which requires freight forwarding services provided by a list of logistics companies. A large number of materials are needed for the production of automobiles, and they usually are delivered form various destination. Also, the vehicles which are already made and driven throughout Europe need various spare parts as well. The freight forwarders network takes care for all of these timely deliveries.   The European automotive industry A number of European companies are engaged in the production of vehicles and of parts for them. The share of the European automotive industry is… Read more

Intermodal logistics

Intermodal logistics in Europe

The intermodal logistics solutions are very easily achievable in the modern freight forwarding sphere, especially given the close cooperation between the freight forwarders Europe for ensuring shorter routes at more attractive prices for the customers. Intermodal logistics have a great benefit for our society as well – due to the shorter routes and the optimized transport with the help of two or more types of transport – significant fuel economy is achieved.   The connectivity of the transport networks is essential for intermodal logistics Excellent connectivity and communications within the transport network is essential for providing efficient intermodal transport, which… Read more

pallet shipping in Europe

Express deliveries of pallet shipping in Europe

The demand for pallet shipping Pallet shipping is in high demand by a number of retailers who use the forwarding services of the freight transport association. Goods can be grouped into single shipments by being packed on single pallets which makes their processing, loading and unloading as well as moving from one vehicle to another during cross-docking shipments or other intermodal forwarding services much easier. The pallets are wrapped with stretch wrap which keeps the goods protected from dirt, dust as well as from damage or harmful weather conditions and humidity during the transport.   Express pallet forwarding service provided… Read more

Forwarding of fast moving consumer goods

Forwarding of fast moving consumer goods for the European market

Fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) are at the center of the attention of the European manufacturers and consumers because the tendency for the slow rising of their prices leads to the increase of the purchasing and consumption of these goods. There are many producers of FMCG in the different European countries who make various food products which are being delivered to different destinations on the continent by the international freight services.   Favorable conditions for the delivery of fast moving consumer goods Nearly one third of all European consumers prefer buying less expensive food products which leads to them being… Read more

European freight forwarding

The importance and the advantages of a certificate of origin for European freight forwarding

This is a basic document which certifies the origin of the goods which are about to be exported. The forwarding tariffs are in accordance with the origin of the goods, as well as with other factors. A number of international preferences in relation to the tariffs and to the commercial requirements can be obtained with the help of the certificates of origin of the goods being forwarded by the forwarders throughout Europe.   Issuing the certificates of origin of goods in the European Union These certificates are issued by the relevant organizations in each European country.  Three copies are issued… Read more

ISO 28000 standard for freight forwarding service

The ISO 28000 standard for freight forwarding service in the European countries

The need for quality improvement of the freight forwarding services throughout Europe The conditions for logistics and the global and European conditions are constantly changing. With the technological developments and the emergence of new opportunities for freight forwarders Europe, the striving towards continuous improvement of the quality of the transport and storage services provided is a constant goal for all services for customers throughout Europe.   The significance of the European Union county members for European logistics     Being a union which combines all the leading economies of Europe, the EU is of decisive significance for the entire European… Read more

freight consolidation

European logistics freight consolidation

Freight consolidation is amongst the regular logistics services provided by the freight forwarders. By offering to merge smaller loads into a single vehicle load, there is an opportunity for regular transport of cargoes with smaller volumes at a lower forwarding price.   Benefits of the freight consolidation By combining smaller cargo into one load, the prices for transport decrease drastically, and at the same time, the safety levels remain the same because the groupage cargo is well packed and the cargo compartment is properly locked at all times during the transport. It is opened only when required for inspection by… Read more

1.Refrigerated freight services

Refrigerated freight services in Europe

Refrigerated freight forwarding is of key importance for each European country, as it ensures deliveries of big volumes of food products (frozen or fresh), as well as of flowers and many other products, including chemicals. By combining the services of the freight forwarders, the European countries are able to receive all necessary deliveries of goods which are crucial for the food stores, restaurants, homes, flower shops and others. This logistics service is important for the producers of fruits, vegetables, mat, flowers as well as for the farm and aqua farm owners. Thanks to the refrigerated forwarding services, home owners and… Read more

FCL and LCL container shipments

FCL and LCL container shipments by sea for Europe

Sea transport allows for cheap freight forwarding of cargo to and from a large number of European countries.  It is the preferred form of transport for big volumes of goods as well as for smaller ones in containers when the delivery terms are not urgent.  The customers of freight forwarders Europe have a choice between FCL and LCL transport services.   What are the FCL and LCL shipments FCL is an abbreviation for “full container load”. If you have large enough volumes of cargo which need to be forwarded, this is the best and the cheapest solution for you. The… Read more

air freight forwarding services

The requirements from IATA for air freight forwarding services

When forwarding cargo by air, it is essential that all standards and guidelines by the International Air Transport Association for safety are duly met. The freight forwarders Europe provide their services in full compliance with these requirements and inform their customers about all necessary regulations and possible limitations in regard to the air transport service.   The regulations for forwarding of cargo via air transport The safety guidelines and standards by IATA for air freight forwarding are for the following types of cargo: Lithium batteries Hazardous loads Live animals Cargo of these types needs to be appropriately labeled with labels… Read more