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An overview of the supply chain trends in 2018 and forecasts for the future

The International Forwarding Association follows the logistics and supply chain trends closely so that the forwarders throughout Europe from IFA can react to the new tendencies and meet the new demands of all customers in a timely manner. Here are some of the main trends which the international freight forwarders association has been following in 2018, and the predictions about the upcoming tendencies in the supply chain sector for 2019. Storage and distribution automation and warehouse robotics With the rapid advancement of technology and robotics, it comes to no surprise that more freight forwarders are implementing advanced warehouse and distribution… Read more

Delamod Bulgaria best forwarding company

Delamod Bulgaria is awarded as the best forwarding company for Eastern Europe for 2018

We are pleased to announce that in this year’s Balkan Enterprise Awards 2018 Dellamod Bulgaria took the first prize for Best Shipping Company for Eastern Europe in 2018. The winning prize among the strong competition is a proof for the professionalism and the work of our entire team over the years! Balkan Enterprise Awards is one of the most prestigious competitions in the business communications sector. A jury with international staff of transport and logistics specialists explored the nominees and cast the winner after taking into account the online presentation of each company through press releases, customer reviews, presence in… Read more

international freight forwarding

How IFA can help inexperienced companies expand their global supply chains

The supply chain includes every single aspect of moving goods from their production through the vendor to the end customer. The supply chain consists of manufacturers, vendors, intermediaries, freight forwarders and customers. With the globalization and the rapid growth in international trade, the supply chain and all its members are no longer contained within the borders of one single country. Rather, it includes customers, manufacturers, and vendors from different countries. Today, China has become a leader in global trade and economy, and with the shifting markets, the global supply chain is becoming more complicated and complex as well. This means… Read more

international freight services

Management of supply chain and transportation documentation

The experts from the international freight forwarders association can assist their customers by helping with the three most important transportation documents for all international freight forwarding services we provide, including specialized transportation, small shipments, complete loads and all others – the bill of lading, the freight bill and the FOB terms of sale. The Bill of Lading This is the sole most important transport document for all international freight services provided for the forwarding of goods handled by the European logistics network.     Lading stands for a contract for the international freight forwarding of any kind of goods and… Read more

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The growing tendency of bringing outsourced services in-house by the International Forwarding Association

European Logistics and the supply chain industry are constantly changing due to the globalization, the fluctuations of customer needs and other factors. In the meantime, a number of companies from the European logistics network are choosing to bring back in-house the services and activities which were previously outsourced.   Here is why the outsourcing is being brought back in-house by a list of logistics companies Even though finding a reliable outsourcing service can be a painstaking process, many companies from the European network of transportation are looking towards bringing these competencies back and insourcing them. The reasons for this tendency… Read more

gamification logistics

How gamification can help improve the logistics performance of IFA

For years, various logistics companies from the European logistics network have been using gamification as a tool for educating, motivating and improving the performance of the employees of the international freight forwarding companies. What is gamification and how it can affect the quality of the services provided by the International Forwarding Association Gamification is the implementation of game design elements or game principles in a non-game situation. Since games have the power to make people take actions against their own interests without being forced and in a predictable way, they are a great way to motivate people to improve their… Read more

International Forwarding Association

How the International Forwarding Association views the future of logistics when it comes to self-driving vehicles

The advent of self-driving vehicles is seen as a potential game-changer by the European logistics network when it comes to the future of logistics and all international freight services provided. Although these self-driving vehicles are still are in a very early stage of development, they are perceived as having a serious impact on the future of all of the European logistics services provided by the international freight forwarders from IFA. It is a matter of time when the forwarders throughout Europe will begin using self-driving trucks for their international freight forwarding, specialized transportation, refrigeration transport, European groupage services and all… Read more

packaging logistics

The factors which IFA takes into consideration for your product packaging

The International Forwarding Association knows how much impact your product packaging has on your entire supply chain including the storage and distribution as well as on the International freight forwarding. This is why the international freight forwarders always strive to do the best to optimize it for your best interest. Why is the packaging so important for the freight forwarders network and for our customers? Proper packaging of small shipments, complete loads and oversized cargo is essential not only to protect the goods and cargo from damage and contamination but is also crucial for the goal of achieving green logistics… Read more

using drones for distribution

The upcoming plans for using drones for distribution

Amazon and other retailers and freight forwarders are already experimenting with the use of drones for quick, cheap and efficient distribution. Walmart and others are using drones for their warehouse inventory management. More tech companies are working on designing and making unmanned aerial vehicles or use for storage and distribution by retailers, manufacturers and by international freight forwarders.   How can IFA benefit from the use of drones? The companies from the European logistics network are always working on finding the most efficient solutions to make their international freight forwarding and their international freight services faster and less expensive for… Read more

International Forwarding Association

Active measures against cargo theft

With the ever-increasing globalization, the volume of goods and cargo being forwarded by the International Forwarding Association has been increasing steadily as well. Unfortunately, the risk of theft of cargo has also been increasing, and every year millions of tons of oil, chemicals, and other cargo have been lost into the black market due to theft of Sea freight in Europe and around the world. Also, thefts of cargo from the trucks of the freight forwarders have also led to substantial losses for the customers of the international freight forwarders. Recent reports of cargo being stolen show a worrying tendency… Read more

Pick & Pack by Europe Logistics Network

Pick & Pack by Europe Logistics Network for online tradesmen

Pick & Pack is a decision, comfortable for the tradesmen, who offer stock in online stores. The ordered stocks are delivered to clients in different countries in Europe with groupage transport service. The stocks, which are ordered and paid, are taken from the storage of the tradesman and are packed. On each packing is labeled the address of the client, who must receive the stock. That way, with the organization of the selection of the stocks and their packing – Pick & Pack, are saved much more time and the stocks are delivered to the clients in short time. In… Read more

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Entrust European logistics companies with packing the consignments

The packing is an important operation in the preparation for the consignments of international freight forwarding. In Portugal, for a third year in a row the exhibition  Empackand Transport & Logistics will be conducted. In September 2018, in Porto will be presented new decisions for packing materials and products, which also contribute to the relegation to the minimum of the risk for the freights. The firms from freight forwarders association follow the novelty and tendencies in packing, since they are connected to the deliveries.     Entrusting logistic firms with packing The producers and tradesmen who use the services of… Read more

The cold chain logistics provided

The cold chain logistics provided by the International Forwarding Association

The forwarders throughout Europe who are members of IFA have years of experience in providing cold chain logistics as part of their international freight forwarders services. Our freight forwarders network offers a number of cold chain solutions which ensure the integrity of the entire cold chain. These services include cold chain packaging, cold chain transportation, cold chain management, cold chain distribution and cold chain international freight forwarding.   What is a cold chain? The European logistics network offers a reliable number of cold chain related services, to ensure that the entire cold chain is uninterrupted. The cold chain is provided… Read more


Cross-docking provided by the European Logistics Network

Inventory storage Inventory can be one of the most expensive parts of a production process.  The costs for storing large inventories can reach up to 70% of all your warehousing costs, while the products are just sitting around waiting to be sold. This is why the International Forwarding Association offers cross-docking as part of its international freight services.   What is cross docking and how can the International freight forwarders association help you with your inventory Cross-docking is the practice of unloading products or cargo from an incoming truck or railroad car and loading it on outbound ones so that… Read more

European logistics companies

Achieving cheaper freights with European logistics companies

Customers look for appropriate logistic services as to the freight types and the suitable deadlines, but not only. They also look for some low-cost prices, too. The companies from freight forwarders association take care of the price deduction in many ways by offering shorter routes, an option for combing small packages in groupage services and many others. The optimization of the routes is one of the methods that tend to reduce the freight prices and it the main focus in international freight services. By having in mind the big number of the available means of transportation used by forwarders throughout… Read more

Forwarders throughout Europe

Benefits of freight transportation provided by Forwarders throughout Europe

One of the main tasks international freight forwarding has is the crescent necessity of high quality in logistics services. The customers’ expectations and requirements increase all the time and European logistics association is supposed to respond to these requirements. The high quality is achieved thanks to the full customer’s awareness, the availability of detailed information about the shipment status in case of transportation of complete loads, small shipments and distribution logistics. Another factor for high quality achievement is the strict adherence to the deadlines for the delivery and offer of both: traditional and express fright. Here we will also review… Read more

forwarders throughout Europe

Organizing the orders by confirming the details with the customers

Prior to each shipment, the employees from the forwarders throughout Europe receive detailed information regarding the cargo and goods. This allows them to pack them properly and to organize the care for those products which require special conditions for storage or transport, such as temperature levels, humidity and so on. The proper preparation is vital for the freight forwarding services.     Here we will discuss all the basic details which the companies from the European network for transportation need to know in order to properly organizing the freight forwarding.   The type of cargo or goods – whether they… Read more

European Logistics

What kinds of challenges are modern logistics facing?

The logistics freight forwarding services are an essential part of the activities of many companies and people. With the growing demand for forwarding services due to the increasingly intensifying trade, online commerce and the mobility of the people who are moving to live, work or study in different places and countries, the expectations of the customers of these services are growing too. This is not the only challenge which the freight forwarders are facing today. Here we will take a closer look at the technologies which are being implemented in logistics for faster freight forwarding services, as well as the… Read more

international freight forwarding

Utilizing drones for storage and for regional deliveries – another innovation in the activities of the European freight forwarders

Following the long-distance freight forwarding, the final stage of each shipment is from the central or regional office to the end destination. This is the stage in which the use of drones has been widely discussed recently. The international freight forwarders consider every new technology as potentially useful when it can be used for shortening the delivery time and lowering the prices for the services. The drones can also be used in the warehouses of the freight forwarders which also can help improve the speed and limit the need for personnel which again helps reduce the final price for the… Read more

European groupage services

Cargo anti-theft measures

The volumes of the cargo being forwarded to different European destinations by the freight forwarders association are very large.  Apart from the growing number of services provided to the customers, such as door-to-door deliveries, cross-docking and in the near future, the use of drones for local deliveries, the forwarders throughout Europe are striving to prevent the cases of theft of goods and cargo during the forwarding. These occurrences are very rare, but still, they are very unpleasant for both the forwarders as well as for the customers.   Both inexpensive and precious loads become objects of theft Until recently, it… Read more